How to nourish a pet

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Published: 18th January 2011
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I hadnít even imagined that a pet keeping gives you a lot of problems till I got myself a dog. Toys, bowls, dog collars, breeding and training: itís clear and amazing. But it is much more hard to deal with food stuffs.
Makers of dog food keep affirm one thing while pet masters Ė another things and itís difficult to make things clear.

To sort it out letís visit a any web page that presents dog goods and we can observe 20-30 different brands of dog nourishments for our four-footed friend. Letís start. There is a conventional classification of dog foods: economy class, premium and super premium class.

Economy class:

That is all what is on sale in typical points of sales in stands, and supermarkets: Chappie, Kitiket, Pedigree, Friskies, Whiskas and others. These foods are cheap for a mass buyer, but constant usage of mentioned foods will bring you to a pet doctor. A dog can have troubles with fur, kidneys, liver and heart from these pet foods. There are many harmful chemical compounds and too little wholesome products there. Different sorts of such pet foods vary from one another in flavor additives and coloring agents. Itís not recommended to feed a dog with these foods. Itís better to feed a dog with our everyday meal.

Premium class:

These dog foods are: Nutra Mix, Nutra Nuggets, Tuffys, Brekkies, Diamond, Country Value and many others. They have less colouring agents, aromatizers, preservatives and other chemical ingredients. In premium class pet foods we can find natural vegetables and enough meat in sufficient quantities.

Super premium class:

These pet foods are: ProPlan, Hillís, Advance, 1st Choice, Royal Canin, Acana, Nutra Gold, ProFormance, ProNature and some pet foods produced by Bosch. One of the valuable dry dog feeds is Orijen.

Itís recommended to feed your dog with super premium class dog foods if itís affordable. Itís possible to buy these dog foods at pet shops, big supermarkets and internet shops. But healing pet foods one can buy only at pet drugstores and pet clinics.
Itís considered that super premium pet foods have many natural components and less artificial chemical substances.

Besides vitamins such pet foods comprise healing plants and extracts that improve dog health. Good dog food decreases the quantity of excrements and theirs smell.

Thatís it. Have a nice shopping.

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